Sunday, May 13, 2012

new updates!

Hello and Assalamualaikum guys! Aiyoo, long long long long time not see you..... How are you? i miss you guys so much, i miss Little Miss Asya too, and i miss blogging so bad ;( So how's your day? everything is good? yeahh.. I'm fine here... Alhamdulillah, :) Oh the reason why i'm not updates my blog is..... Teeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeee, i was too busy with TWEETING ;p haha i dont have time to updates! So yeah.... *peace* Muahahaha, oh ya! China AWESOME!!!! and i miss Guangzhou so bad.. I want go thereeeeeeeeeeeeee :( but nevermind, maybe one fine day ;)
Oh next week, exam! and i was like O.o muahahaha... nothing... yeah fighting for exam! wish me luck guys ;) oh add me on bb, 28c13b68 :') Hahaha, oh my god! Tak tahu nak update apa... Muehehehe, ummm... So sampai di sini sahaja lah ye? muehehe.. later updates! ciao guys.. xoxo

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